Dogs!!! I fall in love with just about any dog I meet, and frequently stop strangers to ask if I can pet their pup

The beach. The beach is a place that holds a special place in my heart. There is just something special about hearing the waves crash on the shore

“The Office” and “Friends”. A perfect night at home for me involves snuggling up with Chris and Jovie (our sweet pup) and laughing at one of these TV shows, even though seen both of them several times through

"Nikki's one of those people that makes you feel right at home." - Chelsea Lyman

"She made us feel so comfortable and giddy that the shots turned out effortless." - Ivy Wilson

"Her willingness to make the dreams of her bride and groom come true is really the most outstanding quality of her business." - Ellen Olson

"She really captures the love and emotion of the day.”  - Steffani Jones

• Want timeless images that will still be in style ten years from now
• Love to laugh. Our favorite thing to photograph is genuine laughter from our couples, and we love when couples let their personalities shine through

• Want to make new friends! We love becoming friends with our couples before the wedding day, and believe it plays a huge role in allowing us to capture genuine emotion. 

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